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Bleisure is a marketing consulting specialized in tourism and lodging industry in Montenegro that promotes a new way of travelling, combining Business and Leisure time.  Travelling “bleisure” means to extend your business trip into a holiday in your destination as a tourist and not simply as a businessman, professional, entrepreneur.

Within this context, it is born Bleisure Montenegro Lifestyle Concierge that gives its customers a chance to visit new cultures, explore cities, enjoy the astonishing landscape, balancing their job with private life.

Client focused services, customized stay offers, memorable experiences and tours, dining spots, corporate and private events and a wide range of opportunity to enjoy travelling in Montenegro.

Our goal is finding the best solutions for bleisure-oriented clients to make their life simple and worry-free.

Furthermore, our team of international experienced hotel consultants knows the hospitality business inside out. We can help you manage the operation of your hotel or property, improve guest service levels, implement cost control, and roll out an effective commercial strategy to let your place become a unique lifestyle destination.


Simona is an Italian young woman, Montenegro-based, expert in sustainable tourism and hospitality management. When she moved to Montenegro she fell in love with this country and started to evaluate opportunities in the tourism and lodging industry. Inspired by her passion for travelling, meeting people, sharing experiences and cultures, Simona founded Bleisure a consulting and representation company offering a comprehensive range of bespoke services within the hospitality and travel business. Simona understood that her love for people, foreign languages and glamour, as well as her natural attitude for attention to details, could have been all well integrated into hospitality and tourism, a world which completely fascinated her and she could not possibly live without. Thanks to her international background and knowledge, Simona developed a worldwide network that allowed her to be today properly experienced in the definition of business strategies, travel experiences, hotels and properties management, public relations and foreign affairs, events planning, marketing, and communication.

Before approaching Montenegro, after a master-degree in Foreign Languages and specialization in Sinology, Simona worked many years at the Italian Ministry for the Environment in the framework of international cooperation programs. In fact, she approached the Balkans in 2008 within the Task Force for Central, Eastern Europe, finalized at political and environmental dialogue in Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, and Macedonia, supporting many projects for sustainable development. She permanently worked in China during the Shanghai World Expo 2010 promoting initiatives and events on sustainable tourism and urban development. Afterward, she joined the Task Force for the evaluation of systems and models of production and consumption for the assessment of environmental and social footprint of industrial process and products, the identification of mitigation measures and the implementation of low carbon technologies and best practices in the life cycle of goods/services. At a regional level, she has been involved in the local authority of Italy to implement activities on environmental sustainability, tourism, smart cities, energy efficiency, renewable energy, air quality, and water resources.

simona pulcinelli founder and ceo

Simona Pulcinelli

Founder & Executive Director