Hotel & Private Property Consulting


Hotel and Private Property Strategy Montenegro

We can guide your business towards the best solutions through extensive research and market analysis, we provide context and forecasting of the proper steps to promote growth.

Development of innovative tourist facilities, creation of interconnected tourist networks, promotion on reference channels, performance and results analysis. Definition of development strategies, hotels and properties management, revenue management and activity monitoring, public relations.

Our hotel management division makes the assessment of the potential of a hotel or a private property and put the resources in place to help ensure success. We provide expertise in all phases of hotel marketing, sales, and operations, based on extensive experience.

Bleisure Montenegro is specialized in the following areas of expertise:

Operations & Supervision

Marketing & Sales

Revenue Management & Distribution

Finance & Cost Control

Let us help you increase the financial performance of your hotel or resort property.

Below an overview of the projects we are working on:

Boutique Hotels

Eco Resorts

BnB’s & Vacation Rentals


Serviced Apartments

We work with you to analyze and determine which is the best concept for your market and location and let your asset be a strategically solid and profitable business, a reference for hospitality.